Litter shock after NMBM party at Hobie Pier

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ON SUNDAY morning, I attended round eight of the Ocean Racing Series.

On arrival at the beach (at Hobie Pier), I was shocked and dismayedto see the amount of litter and broken glass which was strewn along the walkway, under the pier and on the steps.

There were brandy, whiskey, cane, beer, Coke and plastic bottles; used condoms; bottle necks for dagga smoking; Steers take-away boxes and much more.

When one considers this zone is in actual fact an alcohol-free zone and that this party was organised by the NMB Municipality with my rates money, it is clear that no provision was made for any type of policing to ensure that revellers were kept in check.

Not only is this a behaviour that seems to becoming the norm in our society where lawlessness prevails, this was especially disturbing as there was a family event taking place on Hobie Beach the following morning.

I know of three children who had minor lacerations to their feet as a result of this!

Ralph West, Port Elizabeth


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