Parties should merge for polls

OPPOSITION political parties in South Africa are just ineffective with no influence merely due to their vast numbers (DA, Agang, EFF, IFP, etc) and low support numbers. Until they all amalgamate and form one or maybe two strong counterparts the ANC will rule supreme.

While I am of the opinion that most South Africans agree with the ANC policy, we do not agree with the changes to the constitution being proposed, crime, fraud, the gravy train, etc – the list is unfortunately endless.

Who else can I vote for that believes in democracy and service delivery, has the numbers, support and leadership to be a true opposition to the current incompetent government – DA? I don’t think so. Helen Zille unfortunately does not have the gumption to lead nor does the party have the numbers to support.

If we think that our current president, Jacob Zuma, will not serve another term, let me say to those dreamers they are wrong as our president is a puppet who, unless it can be proved otherwise, kowtows to the ANC stalwarts, and he only endorses what they say, want and need.

We need a government that we can trust, with a strong leader and effective opposition to keep them on the straight and narrow path. This can only be achieved through effective opposition that has the numbers to support their beliefs..

We have a wonderful and beautiful country, and as citizens we cannot allow it to degenerate into chaos and degradation. Together we will succeed, doing it alone spells disaster.

John Lindsay, Port Elizabeth

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