Using each other

THE Workers and Socialist Party (Wasp) believes the DA-Agang debacle reveals the undemocratic character of both parties. On the one hand, the DA regime can parachute a presidential candidate in at a moment’s notice, on the other, Agang SA’s leader apparently regards herself as a party-unto-herself.

The mutual opportunism of Helen Zille and Mamphela Ramphele tells you everything you need to know about their respective parties.

Zille opportunistically saw in Ramphele a chance to bring more black voters to the DA and Ramphele opportunistically seized a chance for an ego boost – they were both using each other.

It is a shame that this “marriage of convenience” is now blowing up in their faces because these two capitalist politicians do deserve each other.

Ramphele has clarified to all those who may have been in doubt that Agang SA is just another capitalist party, with nothing to offer the working class and the oppressed except rotten dealings above our heads.

Liv Shange, WASP spokesperson

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