Sea life deaths worrying

MEDIA reports of the very large numbers of dying sea life is very disconcerting. The Washington Post reports tests are still under way to determine the cause of the whales’ deaths, but all the signs seem to point to the disease which attacks the immune systems of sea mammals, and leaves them vulnerable to pneumonia and other infections.

The Herald of January 30 also reports of large amounts of dead sea life being washed up on shores (“Fish dying in droves as red tide takes its toll”). It is high time that the health authorities put measures into place which will progressively reduce a major cause of demise of marine and indeed all life forms, and that is environmental pollution caused by the reckless emissions of highly poisonous waste from the pharmaceutical companies and industry in general.

Other potential factors in the demise of whales and dolphins (and all forms of life including humans) include things like secret government tests and deep sea oil drilling, both of which can cause long-term damage to delicate marine (aerobic and earthly) ecosystems. When one factor is thrown out of balance, or when the toxic onslaught exceeds the capacity of nature to mitigate it, entire ecologies can become susceptible to failure, in this case starting with the most human-like creatures living in our oceans.

Many a sick person is not at all aware that these alleged factors also contribute to cancer and general health problems especially. Water pollution has reached such a frighteningly alarming state and people are still being told they are suffering from a “bug” when yes, the bugs are coming from the water which many disadvantaged people are forced to consume as their only source of water.

May respect for the environment and the morale of society once again return as divinely ordained and this includes respect of man to man without greed for each other’s wealth.

Rashid Abass, naturopathic health adviser, Malabar, Port Elizabeth

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