Five-hour wait in PO queue

AN open letter to the postmaster at Newton Park Post Office:

The queues at the licensing department would be much faster if you did not allow certain individuals to have 10-plus registration forms that hold up the queue for up to 90 minutes for one person. You must either have a special counter for them or implement a rule that limits two forms per person and then they can go to the back of the queue so that everyone has a fair chance of getting in and out of the post office quicker.

Nobody’s time is more important then the other so it is grossly unfair on people who also want to get things done and are not prepared to pay others to do this unpleasant task. I spent five hours in the post office.

I also witnessed your staff opening envelopes with forms and money in, and proceeding to do registrations. If it is possible to post or deposit the forms and money into a particular box, please inform everybody about it, then we will not have to endure the long wait.

Robin Clack, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth

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