Govt could do a lot better in role

I AM not anti-ANC but rather pro-democracy. I am writing today very confused and angry.

My anger stems from the fact that we are being fed absolute rubbish by the said custodians of our democracy. The ANC claims to have done a lot of positives for us and our country, rather than the negative portrayed in our media.

I do not agree. Any other party afforded the opportunity to run this country would have done the same, if not better.

You cannot use what you were supposed to do, in the first place, to counter your flaws and to compare everything to apartheid. That’s the worst.

Apartheid was the worst human rights abuse in this world and to compare your said achievement to it says a lot about you as a leader.

Building houses, infrastructure and all the other things you claim is nothing. What counts are your policies on how to develop this country further.

You won’t have money to build houses if the majority of your people are unemployed. Who will pay tax?

Come on South Africa, we know these things, we have seen how a democracy works. Give a man a fish and he is bound to go hungry again, but teach him to fish and he will never go hungry.

Stop giving people food parcels, give them education.

South Africa, I beg you, let us stop this carnage, this looting.

Let us show the world how shrewd we are, we did it with apartheid. It pains me when people claim to have fought against apartheid, yet they always attack everyone who criticises them as being racist or an agent of white supremacy.

A 30% passing mark in matric, really, and you applaud that. How many are in the region of 30 to 40% from that 73% who passed? Come on.

My country, my vote, our future – just think of that when put your X.

Thembile Lamani, Algoa Park, Port Elizabeth

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