Are these the best cadres ANC can get?

AFTER 20 years of post-apartheid, is this the best the ANC can do on national, provincial and local levels? The governing party representatives should hang their heads in shame and resign.

But of course they will not.

They will keep on appointing the most incompetent, keep on hoodwinking the people of South Africa and carrying on enriching themselves to the detriment of healthcare patients and the rest of the social strata of this country.

“Enough!”, we should say, we refuse to be subjected to the immoral, corrupt and thieving public officials who do not even understand the rudiments of good government or public service.

From the gross, fat parliamentarians who do not even attend sittings to incompetent ministers, please resign in shame and apologise to the people for the gross injustices against them.

Johann Weyers, Walmer, Port Elizabeth

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