Worse than a monster

THE man who is responsible for the attack on the nine-year-old (“Another horror child attack”, January 21) is worse than a monster. Calling him a monster insults the monsters.

He deserves a harsh sentence, no parole and definitely no bail. The justice system has to start punishing these offenders with harsher sentences and have no pity on them.

They deserve no pity as they have none on their victims.

What warrants an attack like this on a defenceless child? This is only done by a very sick and disturbed person and one who has no conscience.

He clearly displayed this by laughing about what he had done.

I also suppose he is going to be one of those sick sods who “plead” insanity.

I wish I was on the bench, I would throw the book at him and then some. In fact even this letter can and does not express the whole of my disgust at what took place.

No one deserves to be treated this way and least of all a child. The laws regarding children need to be changed so that harsher sentences against people who commit crimes against children can be imposed and they can be removed from society.

The children need to be protected and the justice system is letting them down.

Dallas Oesterlein, Sydenham, Port Elizabeth