Disappointed by poor festive show at Happy Valley

WORDS cannot describe how disappointed we were on a family visit one evening during the holiday season to Happy Valley. Not only were we disappointed, but also we did not feel safe, mainly because of the darkness encountered along the walkway in some areas of the valley.
At the beach side the “Happy Valley” entrance name which hangs from side to side was not even working. Many displays were totally blacked out and most were half lit, which really spoilt the fantasy atmosphere which used to make it so popular for the kids.
We turned around before the start of the last circle because of the darkness and safety concern – you could not even clearly see the water bridge you had to cross.
Could lack of maintenance also be responsible for the loud transformer “hum” that was coming from the mini power supply station about halfway up the walk? Is this really the best NMBM can offer our visitors/holidaymakers during the prime festive season period?
G Daniell, Uitenhage