‘Dent’ in MBDA’s work

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THIS is the disgraceful sight that greets guests checking into my guest house on arrival to Cuyler Crescent (unfortunately the photo does not really show the full extent of this).

Wiljo Court is a Ken Denton-owned property managed by Trafalgar Property Management.

Last year I complained to them about this disgraceful state of affairs.

After doing an inspection no further feedback was forthcoming inspite of promises that it would be sorted.

On my return from holiday I found it to be even worse.

The residents, apart from parking wherever they feel like it at the bottom of the crescent, are using the municipal land as a rubbish dump.

Over many years in the past I have offered to maintain that piece of ground if the municipality would clear it and plant grass, which they have refused to do.

At my own expense I have, for the past twenty odd years maintained the grass verges on both sides of the road at the bottom of Cuyler Crescent.

With the Mandela Bay Development Agency spending millions on this area I am beginning to wonder if they are not perhaps wasting their money?

Maybe it is not possible to convert a silk purse out of a sow’s ear after all, in spite of my always optimistic outlook on life!

Carole Law, Central

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