Zuma’s ploy to shift focus

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MANDELA was a great man. Do you really think he would have approved of a deployment of 11894 members of the South African Defence Force for his funeral at a cost of R122-million?

I don’t think for one moment that is what he would have wanted.

R122-million could have built a lot of houses for the poor people of South Africa. But you have to have someone like President Jacob Zuma to approve such an idiotic charade.

Mandela will turn over in his grave at the sheer thought of 11894 soldiers for 14 days, costing R122-million. It is madness and sinful. He was honoured by the whole world, he didn’t need 12000 marching soldiers.

That was Zuma’s plan, to steer the public away from the millions of public funds he is spending on his house that spans a whole village.

That is obscene, if I ever saw madness in the making! Are you then surprised that there is anarchy in South Africa’s legal and police circles?

The diplomats and the ministers, and the rest of the government-employed people are all in on the take.

It is as if a terrible virus has attacked South Africa. I am afraid for the rainbow nation because the fire is burning and the people will no longer be oppressed for so long, there will be a terrible volcanic eruption of will.

As always, I am very worried about the people in South Africa.

Ralph Krall, Aberdeen

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