Drop tolls on Tsitsikamma national road

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LETTER sent to the public protector:

I wrote to you a while ago regarding the gross injustice being inflicted on the whole Garden Route by Sanral. I refer, of course, to the Tsitsikamma toll road.

In a nutshell what Sanral has done is increase the toll fee by R31 from R7 to R38, which if my calculations are correct is about 550%, by any yardstick is excessive. But to hold us to ransom, it closed off the alternate route, which of course means it could increase the fee to R500 and we’d have to pay!

In your reply to my letter to you, you suggested I contact the agency directly, which I did, and for good measure sent a copy to the minister of transport. Normal arrogance prevailed and I received neither acknowledgement nor reply.

I respectfully submit that a simple solution would be for you to instruct Sanral to open the toll road [without payment] until the alternate road is reopened.

AV Forbes, Plettenberg Bay

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