Animal activists also tackle plight of Bay pets

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ANDRE Jensen, in his letter on the use of wild animals in the circus, “Concentrate on concrete examples of animal abuse” (December 30), accuses the animal rights activists of not necessarily focussing on concrete cases of animal abuse.

In response, please allow me to introduce Jensen to Chica, an abused husky rescued by one of these “extremists” from Timothy Valley.

Chica was tied in a small chicken coup so tightly that she could only stand and lie down. She was also severely abused and starved.

As a picture speaks a thousand words, please see Chica before and after.

What constitutes animal abuse is very often subjective and while some may agree with the use of wild animals in circuses and others not, animal abuse is a reality that cannot simply be ignored. The work of animal rights activists extends beyond perceived abuse in circuses.

Very often these individuals are found at the grassroots of poor communities helping animals and owners to care for their pets. They feed, dip and provide veterinary care to animals who would not have had access to these things. Societies are very often judged by the way they treat those who cannot speak for themselves.

This includes the conditions which Jensen alludes to in various contexts, including chicken pens and feeding lots.

We all have a responsibility to do something for the betterment of society, which does not just extent to human beings, but to animals as well. So Andre Jensen, perhaps, if you have nothing to do over a weekend, why not venture to the Animal Welfare Society to walk the dogs or throw a ball and play with them.

If you have some spare time in the week, join the Animal Anti- Cruelty League when it engages poor communities like Missionvale to dip and deworm dogs and cats, and assists the owners who cannot afford healthcare for their pets with transporting them to and from animal clinics where their pets often receive free healthcare.

Their activities extend beyond the animals, but also to the broader community through soup kitchens and children’s Christmas parties.

Not an extremist, but an animal lover, Walmer, Port Elizabeth

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