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WOULD the traffic department or the relevant powers that be please make a concerted effort and stop the taxis from using the pavement in front of Walmer Park shopping centre as a taxi rank?

The council has done a sterling job with upgrading and widening Main Road, Walmer in front of the centre, thus easing the traffic flow and increasing safety for the pedestrians crossing the road. The problem now is that these taxis are a law unto themselves, and have decided that the pavement is there for their own use and to hell with anybody else wanting to use this pavement to access Walmer Park.

One must realise that this area of Walmer has no less than six retirement complexes with residents ranging in age from 60 to 90 years who use this centre for all their shopping, paying of accounts, etc. They do not have transport of their own and walk to the centre.

The other problem is when the old folk approach the operators to move their vehicles they are abused, sworn at and even threatened. Another concern is that they without shame urinate all over the place.

We appeal to the relevant authorities, through The Herald, please to listen to our plea and have this problem sorted as soon as possible.

Concerned citizen, Port Elizabeth

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