Dog lovers must not lose use of Schoenies trails

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READING the letter, “Dogs attacked on beach trail” (August 29), I was immediately prompted to tell of the attack on my Jack Russell in late February. Having taken my dog on countless walks on the Sacramento and Fynbos trails, it never occurred to me that he and I would be the victims of a ferocious attack by two full-grown alsatians.

Once we passed the monument and descended onto the beach section of the trail, two massive dogs charged us from 100m or so away. Within seconds I knew the dogs’ intent was not to play.

They charged in, one going for the face, the other for the neck. I pried the jaws off and shoved the dogs away, cowering over my dog to protect him from further harm.

Damage was already done as the owners managed to reel in the two. Rushing back to my car, having dropped my keys and phone in the skirmish, fortunately a friendly couple let me use their phone to get assistance. On getting to the clinic the veterinarian was kind enough to patch up my wounds after tending to my dog.

These attacks cannot go unreported. There was, I was told, someone doing a survey on attacks and wanted cases to further his research and article on the dangers posed.

Schoenmakerskop, being one of the only remaining retreats, has had many cases of large-breed dogs attacking not only other breeds, but humans too. We, especially our canine friends, can’t afford to lose this pristine stretch of coast.

Jeremy, Port Elizabeth

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