We salute you, Madiba, and admire you

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

Across the Kei River

There lies Transkei.

In a tiny village of Mvezo

Hail our great hero.

A born leader was born.

He is from the chiefdom

But fought for our freedom

And achieved it through his wisdom.

The struggle was his life.

It separated him from his wife.

Madiba did not only talk the talk

But also walked the long walk.

Ah! Dalibhunga.

You’ve made an indelible mark

Through your invaluable contribution.

Your incarceration delayed our liberation.

Robben Island

Robbed us of our

God-given rights.

Madiba, you accomplished your mission

Through your vision

Despite division

And confusion.

We salute you!

You are the revolutionary

Of the century.

We adore you ’cause you

Are an inspiration

To our nation

And the world.

Makhosonke Wellington Fundakubi, KwaDwesi, Port Elizabeth

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