Why should we pay Cleese’s alimony?

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DIE-HARD fans went to see the new offering from John Cleese and I have to say by all accounts he is a “has-been”. He will have to do this show for years into his life to fund the £13-million (about R78-million) for his third divorce!

I would avoid his show like “the plagues” seen in Black Adder.

As the universe works, who should I bump into at the Port Elizabeth Airport but “The Guv”, and that’s being gracious! I asked him politely if he minded having a picture taken with me for my early teen children, who had read the Spud books!

I should have passed due to the apparent balderdash (his “talk”) he served up, but I thought “don’t slay an old man who is over the hill”.

His response absolutely slew me! “I don’t do that,” said “The Guv” dismissively and continued on his cellphone.

Having collected photos for my young children (with more famous and current people), I asked him why, due to his petulant British rebuttal. His answer was simply, “I have no relationship with you, I met you 20 seconds ago!”

I tried to engage with this person to understand the rudeness. He rejected any normal human contact outright, but gulped with his Fish called Wanda eyes when I said, “But I have had a relationship, with you for 20 years”.

If he sees his viewers as nothings, with no relationship, why should we spend our hard-earned money to fund his third divorce? Is Spud 2 and his “Alimony Tour” purely to suck us dry for his old age?

Gino Fabbri and our local entertainers have heart and soul. Support them, not like this old has-been!

Andrew Edwards, Bryanston, Johannesburg

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