Church operates, has building done with no regard for suburb

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IN today’s corporate world one takes it as read that it is every man for himself. One does not however expect to be on the receiving end of this sort of attitude from a church.

Father’s House brand themselves as a family church, yet their attitude to the family of residents in Richmond Hill is anything but family orientated.

Our residents are by nature pretty liberal. I wonder, however, how many of you would tolerate children beating drums at 6.50 on Sunday mornings, screaming like banshees on week nights, turning your residential road into a car park and a never-ending building site that has on occasion continued operations with heavy machinery until 10.45 at night.

When approached, Omega Construction claimed its lawyer said it could. Perhaps he felt he had a higher authority as clearly the company does not feel normal residential bylaws apply, which may also explain the two stinking portable toilets positioned out of sight, to the church goers at least, at the back of the church for the labourers.

Do the church toilets only work on Sundays? The alternative is too dreadful to contemplate.

The church is also encroaching on the only residential public open space in the vicinity. Quite who granted it permission to do this is as yet unclear.

It is important to note the Richmond Hill Residents Association will not tolerate this. The park should be an area for children to play – not a building site, or bar, or restaurant as the church appears to utilise it as.

Also it would appear that no proper processes were followed for the implementation of these encroachments.

The streets in the vicinity of the church are residential and should not be flooded with cars, again putting the children’s lives at risk, though none of these issues appear to concern our local family church who do not demonstrate any regard for the law or compassion towards the immediate community.

It all begs the question of why this church can behave with such impropriety and why the appropriate authorities are allowing it to be in breach of municipal and traffic laws.

Simon Clark, Richmond Hill Residents Association public relations officer, Port Elizabeth

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