Don’t honour war-mongering Obama

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US President Barack Obama is a war-mongering white president with a black skin, a Republican wolf in Democratic sheepskin.

He broke his promise to close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp and broke his promise to wind down the Afghan war when he, in fact, expanded the war.

He has also expanded the drone strikes and his men do second strikes, killing innocent bystanders who come to the aid of those who are killed in the first strike.

His country took over the destabilising role played by both France and the British Empire which went bankrupt after World War 2.

For 200 years, the west has colonised and neo-colonised the Middle East and now with blowback, they decide to caricature Islam and try to pull the wool over our eyes.

Why are there hundreds of US bases of varying sizes parked in Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries propping up a motley group of dictators? Don’t forget, the biggest base is Israel shaped like a dagger.

The seven sisters (American oil companies) have signed oil contracts with Central Asian dictators on the cheap, at the expense of the people who are not benefiting from their oil.

When the US decides to leave permanently, close down its Middle Eastern bases and go back home to feed, clothe and house its 40 million poor, then we can look forward to some peace.

History will judge South Africa as a supporter of various dictators like Muammar Gaddafi and now Obama.

The US pretends to be a democracy, but underneath it all, it is a dictatorship run by money, by lobbyists, by bigotry and self-delusion, by the media and by the Zionists.

It uses torture in its arsenal, rendition and of course the illegal third grading of enemy combatants to whom it denies their legitimate Geneva Convention rights.

For the liberal DA to give the war-mongering Obama the freedom of Cape Town is farcical.

N Omar, East London

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