Holes may cost metro money

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I HAVE been reliably informed that there is no money left for fixing potholes and other holes in our metro. However, there seems to be money aplenty for paying the mayor, councillors, spokesmen, etc.

Historically, the posts of mayor and councillor were honorary and unpaid positions, yet these people now cost the ratepayer millions annually. It also seems that we can afford to pay our new city manager a bigger salary than Jacob Zuma receives (“No limit on what municipalities pay top officials”, May 16) and if so, this is far more than that paid to the prime minister of the UK.

Yet we cannot repair holes and maintain our roads and sidewalks!

I attach a photograph (left) of a roughly filled hole in the pavement with an adjacent pile of rubble outside the historic Hill Presbyterian Church in Belmont Terrace, Port Elizabeth. This hole has been this way for more than a year.

Also, in front of the Alfred Terrace side of the church is a street light that has not been repaired for much longer than that!

The pile of rubble has no demarcation and is a trap waiting to injure pedestrians.

There are several aged churchgoers who attend the Hill. How long will it be before there is an accident? Furthermore, many tourists come to view the church from time to time – what impression is this creating?

If the metro has no money to repair this hole and remove the rubble, where will it get the money to pay any legal claims against it should there be an accident? Just asking!

Church mouse, Port Elizabeth

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