Building in poor state

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UNFORTUNATELY I had the misfortune of popping into the wonderful old stately building next to the Port Elizabeth Library recently, No12 Govan Mbeki Avenue. What a wonderful iconic old lady she was!

This building is now owned by the Church of Scientology and it would be an understatement to say that it is now a hazardous, revolting dump.

There is only one creaking elevator working and it stops on every floor.

The floor indicator lights do not work. This causes extra strain on the cables and inner mechanism.

The lift seriously needs to be condemned with immediate effect. It is an accident waiting to happen.

Some washrooms have no running water on a regular basis. Toilets do not flush and have faeces left in them.

There are broken windows everywhere. Ceiling boards have collapsed in the foyer. There is a boerewors roll kiosk actually operating on the steps with piles of supplies and bread rolls lying all over the foyer.

The entire building stinks of urine and boerewors.

There are boerewors kiosk staff transporting potatoes up and down the poor old groaning, overworked single remaining lift.

I know for a fact there have been repeated break-ins and robberies on certain floors.

There are almost 100 primary school children holding class on the lower floors each day.

What a disgrace! This disgusting, filthy, stinking, unhealthy building needs to be inspected by the authorities as a matter of extreme urgency before there is a tragedy.

Distressed, Walmer, Port Elizabeth

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