Keep livestock off roads

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A COUPLE of weeks ago, metro residents were shocked by a very serious accident on the N2, where three roaming cattle were killed in a collision, with the attendant enormous damage to motor vehicles and injuries to the drivers.

It is seldom that one travels on the road to Uitenhage and the outlying suburbs of our metro without seeing these unfortunate animals, scavenging for grazing on the verges of the highway with seemingly no one to care for their welfare or the risk they present to metro motorists.

As for the officials responsible for safety on the roads and control of animals, it seems we have only one impounding officer in the metro, and we are told he has no truck available on which to load animals and remove them to the municipal pound. This situation has reached extreme proportions and it must be demanded that action be taken immediately by a task team which should comprise traffic officials, safety and security personnel, and all responsible for our safety on the roads.

The owners of the cattle, and also stray donkeys, should be identified, fined, and be ordered to keep their animals confined in suitable kraals or lose them to the pound. In Ward 31, the high traffic Bethelsdorp Road is also affected, as is Dyke Road in Algoa Park.

The animals also roam into children’s play parks and private gardens, to graze and, naturally, sully the areas, causing health hazards as well as being a potential danger to small children and domestic animals. Neglected animals are clearly vulnerable targets for disease.

All these details have been reported to the public health committee for its attention and we await urgent action on its part.

This metro aspires to be considered a first world city. Faint hope, as we lurch along in third world style with, among other issues, bucket toilets, uncontrolled animals on our highways, polluted rivers and beaches, uncollected refuse, struggling health services, education at its lowest ebb and for many, the desperation born of joblessness. We must try harder!

Penny Naidoo, DA councillor, Ward 31, Nelson Mandela Municipality

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