Vessel’s visit badly handled

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AS with many an attraction, the submarine visiting our harbour at the weekend captivated the interest of hundreds of people in the Bay.

I expected very long queues, and I guess for security reasons as well as the actual size of the inside of the submarine, only a few people could be accommodated at a time.

However, my disappointment (and that of the three young children with me) came when we returned on Sunday at 8am to try to get into the queue early. We were shown away by security and assured that people would only be allowed access to the harbour at 9.30.

When we returned at 9am just to see if anything had changed, a good 200 people had been allowed access since we had left, pushing the waiting time up to 12 noon and making it near impossible to wait with a three-year-old.

We eventually left, with my three-year-old daughter devastated. She has lost complete faith in anything her mother says, as we tried three times to visit the submarine with no success.

I expected better from our harbour management.

Disillusioned submarine fan, Port Elizabeth

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