A vulgar display of wealth

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I DON’T care how rich the bride’s parents are and that Vega Gupta is a member of the fabulously rich Gupta family, and that they have close ties to President Jacob Zuma and the ANC. Is this why they have become fabulously rich?

The whole article about the wedding is vulgar, to say the least, in a country where half the citizens have to share open toilets with a hundred people, and in India, where people by the hundreds lie on the pavements right around the cities.

Why do they think that the choice of holding a wedding in South Africa would be good for the country? Let’s hope poor Vega won’t change her mind at the last minute as she does her dresses.

I have seldom read a more vulgar and self-important wedding report.

I am very worried for the ridiculous Gupta family and their offspring, Vega. Truly rich people wouldn’t be so vulgar, would they?

Ralph Krall, Aberdeen

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