Pleasure to see such good behaviour

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ON Friday evening we went to The Kelway Hotel at Brookes Hill for drinks and dinner. What a great venue.

We were pleasantly surprised to see a formal function being held in one of the functions rooms. There was a very well behaved group of young adults from Arcadia High School having their annual matric dance.

Wow, they all looked so stunning. Beautiful dresses and guys looking really fabulous in all the latest fashions.

The school principal and staff were there. The matric head, a Mrs Heyns, was in charge.

Those young adults were a credit to their school. I hope they all do very well in their last year at school. Good luck for their finals later this year. Hope they will take the good values and behaviour that they have obviously been taught at that good school into their future careers.

What a pleasure to see happy, well behaved young people enjoying themselves.

Marcelle Wentworth, Humewood Ext, Port Elizabeth

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