Pair make difference in city

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I WOULD just like to thank Marne van Heerden and his dog, Tripod, for the wonderful “pawprint” they left in Port Elizabeth. I don’t think anyone realises just how admirable this man and his dog are.

The exhausting journey from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth alone is an amazing feat, but not only that, the fundraising effort takes a lot of energy and, at nearly 70, I find this man quite incredible.

In the few short days he was in Port Elizabeth, he managed to raise R7500 to buy calipers for Gabi van Rooyen, who has muscular dystrophy. He and Tripod also gave of their time to talk to the children at Clarendon Park and Walmer Pre-Primary schools about his journey and encouraged the “adopt-not-shop” option when looking for a new pet.

Thank you, Marne, for the difference you made in PE.

Chevonne Bishop, Port Elizabeth

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