Sour ending to event

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THE River Mile was an exciting affair until we got to our car after the event.

We were shown our parking space by an appointed car guard on arrival. On return to the car it had been broken into.

Unfortunately, we had moved a laptop and other personal belongings into the boot, in full view of the car guard. The car guard assured us all would be OK.

Well the inevitable happened. (What fools we were). On challenging the guard, he indicated that three men had walked up to the car, he got scared and ran away.

Needless to say, the guard was not asked to give the last numbers of the calls made on his cell. However we did get a good performance from the supervisor!

Some R17000 later, and once again proof of how ineffective these guards are, and what partnerships they are involved in.

Surely the Atlas staff milling around the finish could have been involved in car security? How important is the safety of competitors’ cars to the organisers?

Ken Carter, Port Elizabeth

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