Skew lamps a rip-off

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I HAVE come across at least 12 of these newly installed skew lamppost heads (as pictured) in Bluewater Bay and have seen several skew ones in the Newton Park area! Strange that they shine in your eyes at night and not down on the road as they were designed to do.

I questioned a municipal electrical department worker and he informed me there was nothing they could do about it as the lights were installed by a contractor who was paid R600 per unit, labour only.

Now my taxpaying mind is telling me the following: 600 x 15 units = R9000 a day (average seven hour work day) as it only takes half an hour to remove the old and replace the new head. Nice little money spinner with our rates/tax money.

Let’s say the contractor works 20 days a month. That is R180000 a month labour only for four people. Someone is being robbed blind here and as usual it’s the hard-working taxpayer!

My questions are:

ýWhy was the electrical department not given the job to do?

ýWas the contractor’s the lowest tender or was it because it is just another BEE-comrade company?

ýIs the contractor going to fix his bad quality work or is he going to get paid again with taxpayers’ monies?

ýWill there be someone from the tender office to explain the above – I do not hold my breath. Pathetic that we allow this to happen.

Adriaan (surname supplied), Bluewater Bay, Port Elizabeth

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