Better management needed

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WHAT a wonderful performance by the Southern Kings, who despite adversity rose to the challenge! You made the Eastern Cape proud again.

But what can one say about the performance of the company that runs the stadium? What a mission to secure a season ticket! What a mission to purchase food and drink vouchers for the “VIP Royal Lounge”.

From the moment you queue it becomes a ruck and maul to enter this wonderful stadium of ours. Did Access Management expect 30000 fans?

No signs indicating that men and women needed to split up and form different queues. I wonder which queue would do for a family with small kids?

I wonder whether season ticket holders should know that when they arrive at the “VIP Royal Lounge” door, they better be sure that they have in their possession “the whole of their ticket”. Yes that is correct, tell the security guard at the other side of the stadium to take a hike if he dares ask for your ticket in order to remove the removable strip.

Seeing that the catering has been allocated to a Knysna- based company and not locally, do not expect to receive anything resembling a warm snack.

Be prepared to be embarrassed if you are taking clients!

Fortunately the experience was saved by the Southern Kings. Well done to the Southern Kings who should not fear relegation based on their first performance of the season but beware Access Management, you may be relegated soon.

Southern Kings supporter, Port Elizabeth

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