France must put out ‘fire’

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FOLLOWING the French and the West African intervention in Mali, the Organisation of African Youth draws the attention of the international community to the following:

Considering that during the 2011 military intervention led by former French president Nicolas Sarkozy against the government of Muammar Gaddafi, Libyan civilians and insurgents gained access to massive stockpiles of weapons which are now feeding rebellions in Chad, Niger, Mauritania, Algeria and Mali.

The Organisation of African Youth, recognising that the current intervention will spare the people of Mali a fundamentalism which is the opposite extreme of its democratic tradition, would like to state that it is now the moral responsibility of France to extinguish the fire it spread throughout the whole Sahel, a fire it should never have lit, since it refuses to lead the same types of intervention against the dictatorships in French-speaking Africa.

The current intervention in Mali does not constitute a change in French politics in Africa.

It cannot then arouse euphoria, in so far as it expresses the permanent African tragedy and fulfils neither the campaign promises of French President François Hollande, nor the realisation of the legitimate claims of the African youth based on the sanitisation of French-African relationships, the end of Françafrique, the building of real democracies and the economic development of French- speaking Africa.

The Organisation of African Youth observes that the African states involved in the resolving of the Malian crisis, as well as those who were involved in yesterday’s resolving of the Central African crisis, have despotic systems of government.

The relationships between France and those states, even if they aim to fight fundamentalism, become fuzzy and contradictory because they reinforce the prestige of the dictatorships which are themselves nothing less than ideological fundamentalism. Considering this situation where French African dictatorships are fed, the African Youth Organisation points out that the priority of the African youth is economic development, education, health, social justice, and the fair distribution of goods. It is only in the building of real democracies and the fighting of illness and poverty that the African youth will recognise its real friends.

Maurice Nguepe, Secretary General, Organisation of African Youth

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