Better uses for Nkandla funds

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NEVER in the history of South Africa did the entire cabinet of the previous regime ever spend more than R200-million of taxpayer’s money on private residences. Let’s be reasonable folks, while in office the state home should be enough.

When a president retires, he needs a modest home in which to reside. But in our case, we have a polygamist who has a horde of wives to house, so he builds a village. I believe the office of the president needs to have constitutionally binding guidelines.

If the criterion for becoming an elder or a deacon is having only one wife, surely the same should apply to a head of state? The leaders of the opposition need to look into this matter before South Africa is bankrupted any further.

When Jacob Zuma retires to his “private village”, I would like to urge all those who voted for him and his party to think carefully next time an election comes up.

The money spent on his village could have purchased almost 500 sub-economic homes in a well-planned development scheme.

Corruption and decadence seem to be partners in the eyes of some, while ignoring the needs of others. Now, if Zuma had created jobs for ALL to enable others to purchase their own homes, one could still say some provision has been made. But the carrot of false promises is still being dangled before the unwitting voting donkey, trying to pull the economy further up a long hill of despair.

One day, however, the donkey is just going to stop and say I am not going a step further. Zuma, before you sell what is left of the country to the Chinese, look after your own people, create jobs for Africans by Africans. Build a nation in the vision of the promises that will bring back well-trained South Africans, who want to invest their hard-earned dollars and pounds.

Your policies, however, disqualify them from making this land brilliant. They rather observe from afar how it is going downhill. They live off the hospitality of foreigners, help build their economies and, there, they are appreciated.

Our R200-million could have set up 8000 mini-market businesses, which could have employed 8000 people. The time has come for you to stop thinking of yourself and serve this country as you vowed to do. You can’t take your village with you one day, will you bequeath it to the masses who voted for you?

How much would R200-million have helped the national healthcare system? Think logically, needs are far more important than wants. It is time this government starts doing what is right before it falls into the trap of exchanging the previous evil of apartheid for the present evil of lawlessness and corruption.

All you foreign governments that funded this new regime against the old regime, will you start to put your money where your mouths are and speak up, or is it to your advantage to sit back and watch it implode. I wonder?

Rego Burger, Port Elizabeth

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