River pollution still plugs flow for opportunties

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THE letter, “Opportunities will flow once we clean up”, (January 22) refers. I want to thank Jeff Bratby of the Zwartkops Conservancy for the initiative of getting the UDDI on board in clearing up the unsightly rubbish in and next to the Swartkops River, at the Niven Bridge, in Uitenhage.

This will definitely assist in keeping the river cleaner downstream towards the estuary.

I was very saddened to see the large and colourful advertising board on the corner of Strandfontein Road and La Roche Drive, PE, indicating that this year’s Spar River Mile will again be held at Cannonville, Sundays River, on February 23 and 24.

Not because of Africa’s oldest open water swimming event taking place, but because it will once again not be held at its rightful place in Redhouse, PE! A year back, the metro was urged by many, including the DA, to get their act together regarding the awful pollution into the Swartkops River, but it seems that the situation has worsened, as tests’ results indicate.

I want to urge the Infrastructure- and engineering directorate, with oversight by public health, to start immediately with the upgrading of the Kelvin Jones Waste Water Treatment works in Uitenhage, as well as the upgrading of the Aloes and Studebaker pump stations next to the Markman canal.

These are the biggest culprits and when upgraded will be of great assistance to bring down the high pollution levels in the Swartkops River. Maybe then, just maybe, the 90th anniversary of the River Mile can be celebrated at Redhouse next year.

It is a crying shame and a very bad reflection on the metro that there is not enough political willpower to clean up our beautiful Swartkops estuary. As a DA councilor on the public health committee, I will not stop campaigning for our beautiful Swartkops River and estuary to be restored to its former unpolluted glory.

Brenda Matthee, DA PR councillor, member of the public health standing committee, NMBM

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