Poor road work dents city image

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I AM concerned about the image and appearance of our city, Port Elizabeth.

The two photographs depict what international visitors to the Afcon soccer event will see soon after arriving at the Port Elizabeth airport.

Forest Hill Drive – near the Humewood police station – is a relatively new section of road familiar to most of us.

On both sides, the fence has been pushed over by unstable loose rock – it is quite clear that the contractor cut corners drastically here by not excavating back far enough and removing the rubble.

Not only is it an eyesore, but loose rocks are building up on the pavement and could force pedestrians to walk in the street !

Why is the contractor not being called back to rectify and repair?

Was he not paid with ratepayers’ money to do a reasonable job ?

And do we need contractors of this calibre?

Can we not withhold tenders from amateurs and unscrupulous people in future?

Please investigate.

Name and address supplied, Summerstrand, PE

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