Homes without phones after cables ripped out

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THE attached photograph displays, once again, the shocking state of municipal affairs in Uitenhage.

On December 30 last year, yet another burst water pipe, this time in High Street, had to be attended to. During the digging, allegedly with an excavator, to reach the burst pipe, Telkom cables affecting two adjacent residential blocks were ripped out.

The result of this knee-jerk reaction has been that residents have been without Telkom connectivity since the incident occurred and, more seriously, those with alarm system monitoring dependant on these lines, have been at great risk of personal and property violations.

Telkom is now left with the mess of trying to re-attach a myriad wiring and it would appear it will still take some time to restore the service.

Our street resembles a patchwork quilt, a result of the rapidly failing infrastructure, yet every month our rates and taxes are collected without fail. We urgently need some “bang for our buck”.

Arnold Niemand, College Hill, Uitenhage

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