Councillor’s ward causes a stink

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THIS Christmas was a sad one for some children in the Metro and for some councillors it was surely festive.

Driving through Harrington Street in Salt Lake can cause a pain through the heart where there is a dumpsite overflowing with garbage.

I grew up not far from this site and it has never been in as bad a condition as it is now.

Nearby residents are complaining about the smell and the flies that enter their homes.

It is said that the site gets cleaned once every second week, but by the first week after cleansing it overflows again.

What this tells me is that the councillor for Ward 32 is not doing her job.

Here we can see a major lack of management.

In fact, the complainants are the exact same people who voted for this councillor.

In some parts of the ward the refuse truck collects refuse once every second week and in others every week. This does not make any sense. Sometimes people take the initiative to burn their own rubbish.

I strongly suggest the municipality move the dumpsite because it is a major health risk for the people living in the broader Salt Lake area.

Further, they should send councillors on an advanced management training course.

This state of affairs is preposterous and unacceptable. You would never see this kind of thing in areas such as Westering or Summerstrand.

The councillor should start working and become visible in her ward. She should introduce herself to the communities in Salt Lake, Hillside, Missionvale, Cleary Estate and Salsoneville.

The northern areas are full of possibilities and have enormous potential in every respect, so wake up, smell the coffee and get real in Ward 32.

Roger Belford, Ward 32

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