Crash proves we need speed bump

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FOR what has seemed like ages now the residents of McWilliams Road, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth have been requesting a speed bump somewhere between the Vigne Road intersection in McWilliams Road and 43 McWilliams Road.

Between these two points lies a sharp bend which has been the cause of many accidents and near accidents.

People come speeding through this bend and it is inevitable that we will soon see a death because of it. Over the years, McWilliams has become a very busy road as a lot of students and taxis take this road to bypass Strandfontein traffic on their way to the university.

A week ago saw the worst of the accidents occur. We were woken up about 11.40pm with an incredible noise outside.

A taxi had hurtled at speed through the bend and came crashing through our front walls and automatic security gates. The carnage could only have been achieved at speeds in excess of 120km/h.

There are often guests’ cars parked here and my family is often in and out of this driveway. It is a sheer miracle there were no tragedies that night.

Our request really is an extremely basic one and one which would help prevent a pending tragedy. We desperately need a speed bump installed and as soon as possible.

Is this really so much to ask? Is it really worth waiting for the loss of a human life before we act?

I would urge the authorities to make haste with this plea before people are held responsible for ignoring numerous requests over many years.

Bradley Millar, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth

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