U’hage centre in a mess

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THE street carnival in Uitenhage at the weekend started on Friday and ended late on Saturday evening after the Christmas lights were turned on. The roads were closed from Baird Street along Caledon Street until Chase Street.

This is our main business part of Uitenhage with the main banks and shops along these areas. I went down to the town on Sunday around 10.30am and found it in a complete mess.

There were no signs of a garbage truck or workers. The stalls had been taken down, but the road was still blocked off, therefore one could not park to gain access to the shops or banks.

As this was the end of the month and pay day for most, my question is: does Uitenhage really need this complete and utter chaos? I know of a person who works in the shop in Caledon Street, and they tell of the utter chaos, theft and filth in the street, urine smells, during and afterwards.

There were broken liquor bottles, the chip stall holders who threw all their unused potatoes on the road and the black bag full of some sort of food, with the flies buzzing around. When I arrived home after taking the pictures attached, I had another shower to rid myself of any disease.

No wonder people shop in Port Elizabeth.

Do the residents of Uitenhage need this carnival – no! Take it away from the town centre. There is plenty of space around this once garden town.

Mandy Tuck, Vanes Estate, Uitenhage

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