Government car driver endangers other motorists

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ON Thursday November 22 at 4.25pm, I was travelling out of Grahamstown toward Port Alfred on the R67. At the N2 flyover and off-ramp a green Department of Labour vehicle with “inspector” emblazoned on the back overtook me at speed on a solid white line.

I hooted at the driver and he accelerated away, only to get caught behind other vehicles at the Fairburn Spring and then subsequently a building truck with a trailer at the beginning of the suburb of Stones Hill. At this point there are clear signs indicating the speed limit of 60km/h, pedestrians and concealed driveways.

He not only disregarded the traffic warnings, but overtook the truck and trailer on a double white line, on a blind rise, and on an exceedingly dangerous corner.

My teenage son was witness to this lawless scenario and it was captured on a cellphone camera.

The registration is clear, ZDG081 GP – as is the website and phone number of the Department of Labour. This “inspector” is being paid by my income tax, as is the cost of the state vehicle.

The potential loss of life and medical expenses will also be met inevitably by the taxpayer.

Name supplied, Grahamstown

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