Metro must move on job creation scheme

DECLARING last year as the year of job creation, President Jacob Zuma announced the national target of creating five million jobs by 2020. A call to work towards such target has been made to all spheres of government.

In response to the call and in line with the national target, mayor Zanoxolo Wayile recommended that a task team be established to work out a framework that sought to provide a coordinated approach towards job creation. On May 11 this year a proposed NMBM job creation framework was approved by council.

Influenced by the saying, “charity begins at home”, the team had in consultation with the directors identified various possible areas for job creation which include but were not limited to: ý Tarring of gravel roads; ý Road marking; ý Fixing potholes; ý Maintenance and cleaning of NMBM facilities;

  • Cleaning of storm water drainage and fixing of water links;
  • Waste management and refuse collection;
  • Traffic and crowd control marshals; Meter reading; Assistance to the poor; Cable laying; Upgrading and maintenance of community parks; Community safety patrols; Construction of pedestrian walkways and sidewalks;
  • Maintenance of community facilities and ý Security services. On October 10 acting municipal manager Themba Hani sent out an e-mail to all executive directors that none of this work should go through the normal procurement processes unless approved by the job creation task team coordinated by the director: trade and investment, Anele Qaba.

The state entities, Uitenhage and Despatch Development Initiative (UDDI), Coega Development Corporation (CDC) and Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA), were approved as partners for the implementation of the identified projects. However to date a collaborated agreement between the three institutions and the NMBM towards implementation of these projects has not yet been developed and signed.

The DA 100% supports initiatives for job creation to eliminate poverty, but our residents should not be the victim of non-service delivery should the state of readiness of these bodies to deliver services not be in place when the said contracts expire.

I note with concern that the cleansing contact for the ablution facilities in St George’s Park, Central, Victoria Park as well as the parks department offices is already expiring at the end of November and nobody knows who is going to take over this responsibility. The grass cutting contract is expiring at the end of February and to date public health has not yet been presented with a proper plan as to how they intend to do the work.

There is also still a huge question mark regarding how everyone will be paid, how they intend to get equipment and when the new people will be trained.

If this matter does not receive the immediate and highest attention of the metro’s leaders, I cannot imagine in what disgusting state the public toilets will be as from December, and how our parks and verges will be looking as from March next year! However, Qaba will possibly just request Hani for a deviation. It’s the normal thing to do! The DA urges the relevant officials to stop dawdling on these important service delivery matters and act immediately to ensure services to the residents of our metro are not compromised.

DA councillor Brenda Matthee, member of the public health standing committee, NMMM

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