Killjoy activists try to spoil the fireworks fun

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SO Guy Fawkes has come and gone, with yet again the killjoy animal rights activist social workers making their presence felt. There are few things that annoy me more than the holier than though, we know what is best for everyone attitude that they adopt.

Except perhaps the ones who seek to kill other people’s enjoyment because they are too lazy, conceited, arrogant and stupid to go to their vet and buy a tranquilliser for one night of the year. You know people are going to let off fireworks so do something for the animals you claim to care so much about.

Perhaps this misplaced caring comes as a result of never having had children. My experience is that most dogs that have been brought up around small kids are pretty much bulletproof when it comes to being easily scared.

I have also met very few children who are not fascinated by fireworks or receptive to the wide variety of lessons that can be taught using them. Fireworks provide a very easy way to make chemistry cool.

It intrigues me that I never see any reports of the people who campaign so hard for the banning of fireworks being helicoptered to safety, having risked life and limb to rescue some poor traumatised maltese from a Cape Flats gangland gun battle. I suspect the truth is far more prosaic.

These dogs have grown up with constant “fireworks” going off around them and as such are not bothered.

One needs only look at any dog in Thailand where I am sure they set off more fireworks than they have tourists, so see that dogs and other “animals” are perfectly capable of functioning normally when fireworks are set off.

Again though this implies responsibility is on the owners to ensure that their dogs have had a varied upbringing. Not that any of them bother, they just blame the fireworks and carry on.

But then again is that not what all South Africans do?

David (surname provided), Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth

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