Warriors players should be worthy example to youth

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ANOTHER completely dismal and heartless batting display by our top cricket side, the Chevrolet Warriors (“Warriors stumped again”, November 8). After choosing to bat on a “difficult” surface, not one of the top order batsman other than the captain seemed to be able to display any batting technique suitable for the chosen positions in the side.

It was disturbing to see the coach or players in general not discussing the “situation” with each other, especially after numerous wickets falling to balls keeping low.

Mention was made in the article of the EP High Schools capping ceremony and one can only hope these young players are being taught the correct fundamentals.

Two players in particular, Ashwell Prince and Simon Harmer, were caught on the back foot to a straight ball keeping low when they should have been on the front foot. Not one out-going batsman was seen communicating any of this information to the next man in.

Unfortunately our cricket side will continue to struggle when players are chosen on reputation and not performance. The body language and general lack of fighting spirit shown by the players indicate an unhappiness in the environment they are in, which cannot always be laid at the door of the coach.

My suggestion is that each and every player look within himself and realise they are representing their province, and should therefore be worthy ambassadors for the young players watching. Hopefully we can once again rise to the challenge and bring back the fans to fill the empty seats.

Clinton York

Newton Park, Port Elizabeth

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