At what price life lost on Bay street?

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ON Sunday afternoon there was a fatal accident in Target Kloof.

Two taxis were speeding down Target Kloof on their way to Walmer – what appears to have happened was that one driver lost control and hurtled into my boundary wall, destroying the wall and careening off it back into the road. Unfortunately, the driver was thrown out of his vehicle and badly injured.

This young man died in the middle of the road while the other taxi just rode off. A second taxi come by, stopped and the driver looked at the scene, then proceeded to clear a path for himself through the debris and ride off, not bothering to see if there was any help that he and his passengers could offer.

The loss of a boundary wall and who caused this accident that resulted in this terrible loss of a young life is not the question. The question is: could this have been avoided and the answer is yes.

We, the residents of Essexvale that who live on Target Kloof, have been petitioning for several years for barriers to be erected on this stretch of road before some innocent pedestrian, or as in this case driver, is killed. The metro council has approved the erection of these barriers, but cites lack of funds as the reason that they have it has not erected them thus far.

If these Armco barriers had been in place, this taxi would merely have bounced off them and ended up back on the road, be it with much damage to the vehicle, but probably with no loss of life.

While I understand that there is a shortage of money for many services, our municipality sees fit to squander millions of rands of our ratepayers’ money on hosting a soccer event that the majority of the people in the metro either do not want or do not care to see. They feel, as I do, that there are far more important and pressing needs that this money could be spent on.
Furthermore. our esteemed provincial government wastes money on a lavish function to release data that they do it does not even have.

If a small portion of this wasted money had been spent to erect these safety barrier a life would surely have been saved. Is not one life worth more than all these wasted monies?
So in conclusion I ask again, at what price a life?

George Charalambous,
Essexvale, Port Elizabeth

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