Province must urgently address flood damage

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LOSS of life and infrastructure destruction by flooding has hit our province hard during the past weeks (“Counting flood cost”, October 23). Millions of rands in damages were caused to the province’s road infrastructure. An urgent meeting is needed for department officials to brief the roads and public works portfolio committee about the short and long term plan to normalise the situation.

Our economy in the Eastern Cape could be seriously damaged and jobs could be lost as a result of these infrastructure collapses. Road infrastructure is like the veins in our bodies and therefore we need to take good care of it.

I hope politicians will react swiftly, like the citizens of our province who assisted each other, so that we are not faced with a situation such as in the past when there were floods a few years ago and we are still to this day waiting for a budget to repair the damage to our roads.

Pine Pienaar, DA MPL, Bhisho

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