Maintenance of infrastructure critical

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ON a walk along our Port Elizabeth beachfront one morning it shocked me to see the obvious lack of maintenance by our municipality. It is all very well spending millions on “beautifying” the Kings Beach area, but what about continued maintenance along the rest of the beachfront?

There are walkways caving in, the Shark Rock Pier wooden railing rotting, light poles rusting and wires exposed. The attached photos are the proof.

For our city fathers who obviously don’t know the meaning:

Maintenance, according to the Collins Dictionary is “the act or process of keeping something in good repair” and according to the Oxford Dictionary is “the process of keeping something in good condition”.

No wonder tourism to the city is dwindling. Shame on you NMBM.

Stop wasting ratepayers’ money and start spending it where it is most needed.

M Mantell, Port Elizabeth

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