Uitenhage canals a disgusting mess

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WHILE I have it in writing from the NMB infrastructure and engineering department that the litter traps in both the Kat and Market Street canals in Uitenhage are “supposed” to be cleared once a week, it can be seen from my photograph that the litter trap in Market Street is a complete mess! An unbearable stinking sludge has formed in front of the trap due to the fact that it has apparently not been cleared as scheduled.

The grass on the verge and next to the canal is also standing sky high!

A crate of rotten food was also dumped into the trap, attracting a huge amount of flies to the area. A shopping trolley full of unemptied rubbish was also standing next to the trap.

What was intended to be a storm water canal has now changed into a tip site for everyone to dump whatever they please. This is a crying shame!

I am also very concerned regarding the fact that the litter trap in the Kat canal has been removed from the canal and is now standing next to the canal in stead of in the canal! Is this the metro’s best solution to our ongoing complaints that the traps are not cleared regularly?

I want to urge the metro to see thereto that these traps are regularly cleared as scheduled as it has now turned into a huge health hazard to residents. I also plead with all residents of our metro not just to dump their rubbish wherever they please.

It is just not right!

We must do everything within our power to restore the pride of living in a clean environment.

As a member of the public health standing committee I will not stop to campaign for a clean environment for all the people of our beautiful metro.

It is our constitutional right to live in an environment that is not harmful to our health.

Brenda Matthee, DA PR councillor, NMBM

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