Municipal spin doctor must go

I AM referring to Roland Williams’s letter, “Report tabled in council last year” (February 6).

Why does this highly paid municipal official not provide the true facts pertaining to this fruitless and wasteful expenditure? Why are we paying him from the public purse to mislead the very people who pay his salary?

 I, for one, have had enough of him and I call on acting municipal manager Themba Hani to rid us of this highly paid spin doctor.

 I motivate my case with the following true facts about the so-called data mining tests:

The report was not tabled at the municipal public accounts committee (MPAC) on January 24, as stated by Williams. This report was leaked to me and I put it onto the MPAC agenda, asking the following four questions:

1Had the investigation been completed?

2What did it cost?

3Why did we appoint Ebhayi if they could not do the job or why did we not appoint Business Innovations directly?

4When will we be informed of the outcome?

While a copy of the report was submitted by me along with my motion, only the four questions were discussed and answered as follows:



3No reason was given;

4When finalised with the mayor.

The recommendation from the report clearly states that a full forensic investigation should be conducted on the anomalies identified in the exercise.

So it is true that the mayor has been sitting on this matter since November 2010, as to date the recommendations contained in the report have not been implemented.

Furthermore, MPAC is not dealing with this report, so it is a blatant lie for Williams to state so.

If the mayor has indeed requested a legal opinion from his legal office, where is it after 15 months and how many more months are we going to wait for this opinion?

So in conclusion, I challenge Williams to inform us when the legal opinion will be made available and what content of this report is currently being processed by the MPAC?

Leon de Villiers, DA caucus leader and a member of MPAC, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality

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