Fix the potholes outside our house as promised!

  I HAVE phoned the Nelson Mandela municipality on numerous occasions with regard to the potholes in front of the house my husband and I are renting in Kent Road, and although I have been told they would be repaired, nothing has been done.

My husband and I decided to take photographs of the potholes and e-mail them to The Herald in the hope you would publish them and perhaps it may inspire the municipality to send a crew to repair the potholes.

My vehicle has to be parked in the street outside our house and the passing traffic is causing the loose stones from these potholes to shoot up against my car, causing damage.

These potholes are getting bigger and bigger by the day! I am so very frustrated by the lack of concern of the municipality who should by now (two months after I first reported it) have sent a crew to repair these holes!

 Leigh Claassen, Port Elizabeth

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