Refreshing winds of change in municipality

THERE are winds of change blowing through our municipal government and, so far, they are all to the good.

The DA is pleased to affirm the positive action taken by the mayor, Zanoxolo Wayile, in terminating the services of the previous acting municipal manager, Elias Ntoba.

 This has had the positive effect of bringing to the metro his replacement in the person of Themba Hani, a man who has already placed his stamp on the administration of our city. We congratulate Hani on his appointment.

The confidence in Hani as a resolute man of stature grows with each positive step he takes. It is fitting to list some of these.

In the past few days, he is understood to have made changes to the bid committees, dropping both communications director Roland Williams and the head of the integrated development plan unit, Dr Sithembele Vatala. Vatala was the chairman of the bid adjudication committee, and Williams chaired the bid specification committee and bid evaluation committee.

 Both Williams and Vatala were Ntoba appointees.

We urge Hani to follow through and help the ratepayers of this metro rid themselves of these two inefficient officials, whose arrogance has cost us huge amounts of money in implementing incompetent political instructions coming directly from Standard House. It might also be suggested that disciplinary action be put in place, in dealing with their misdemeanours.

Leon de Villiers, DA caucus leader, Nelson Mandela Bay
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