Take action after strikers trash streets

IN Monday’s Herald, in the front page article concerning the municipal strike (“SA braced for strike”), you report “should this strike proceed, it is hoped union officials will ensure ill-disciplined incidents of the past like trashing of the streets etc will not repeat themselves”. As you can see from the attached photos of the two main streets going through Fort Beaufort, the streets were trashed again on Monday.

 I only hope Salga will take action as per its quarter page propaganda in the Sunday Times. I quote from the fifth paragraph: “furthermore, should there be trashing of our cities and towns, Salga and its municipalities will institute legal proceedings against the perpetrators. Any untoward behaviour will be met with disciplinary action”.

Let me tell you, the marchers in Fort Beaufort on Monday morning had union marshals with them, and the trashing still took place!

 Some things never change.

 Jan Hopkins, Fort Beaufort

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