ANC to blame for education crisis

I WOULD like to respond to Sisa Mhluzi’s letter, “EC education allowed to collapse” (The Herald, August 4), which seems to suggest the poor departmental administration is only borne of the failure of Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga to monitor the constitutional clause S100 1(b), whereas this is borne of poor management and vision from the ruling party.

My assertion is that the appointment of Modidima Mannya, the so-called corruption buster, and the deployment of Mandla Makupula by the ANC to take over from former MEC Mahlubandile Qwase, was meant to impose good governance and stable administration. Surely the intention was right, but unfortunately the individuals are not fit for the job.

I find nothing wrong with the minister’s introduction of the constitutional clause S100 1(b) as it was meant to save the department’s administration from collapsing. Remember Motshekga did that as a parent to ensure that Eastern Cape pupils would also get what is due to them (to receive up-to- standard education).

Unfortunately, if the provincial ANC leadership had the same vision as her, they would know that backing Mannya was backing a wrong horse in this regard. Upon his arrival, in every media interview, the notorious Mannya emphasised the wearing of the name tags by everyone working for the department instead of popularising his vision to turn the department around to the entire workforce.

Maybe this department is really cursed because how can a superintendent-general justify elevating name tags over service delivery? Was “Mr Name Tag” worth bringing to this province during such a critical time like this?

 Although the buck in every administration stops with the president, I strongly disagree with Sisa’s call for the head of the president, but rather suggest we start pointing our finger at the Premier, Noxolo Kiviet. My call is based on the fact that the premier (who by the way is challenging Section 100 1(b) in court) is the one who should be providing leadership now and not remain tight-lipped.

Surely in this regard, the ousted Nomlali Mahanjana and Qwase are laughing very loud at the embattled administration as they now have permanent jobs with credible track records.

 I therefore beg the ruling party please to consider the following:

  • Removing Mannya before we are left with nothing in that department;

  • Reinstating the suspended officials;

  • Imposing Section 100 1(b) and;

  • Stopping the focus on the R6.3-billion infrastructure grant.

 I call on the ANC leadership to stop parading Mannya in the lekgotlas and keeping him for business purposes, instead of prioritising the education of the Eastern Cape child or one day history will judge them adversely if they continue with these mischievous acts.

Motha Cindi, New Brighton, Port Elizabeth

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